News April 2019

Cluster DK has closed. This is a major disappointment to all 11m DX users who rely on CDK for there DX information.

Ten years of Foxtrot Bravo DX, now into our eleventh, which is practically a full cycle.

Although prop is up and down, right now there are good working conditions for long distance DX on rare occasions and there are still some good activations out there.

Sporadic E from EU is workable right now with some late afternoon and early evening propagation

FBDX would like to thank all those stations out there activating unusual DXCC's and making interesting activations for 11m.

It is worth looking at the propagation forecasts to aid your DXing, click on the propagation button on the right.

FB Membership requests are now open.

26 division news

AM and USB Midblock now legal to use in the UK

New calling frequencies now confirmed by the users of the 11m band, via popular radio forums, for the UK legal SSB and AM

Channel 27 - 27275 USB

Channel 14 - 27125 AM

If you're looking to revive an old interest or create a brand new one in 11m radio now is the time. For membership, go to the membership page from the link above.

NEW Foxtrot Bravo DX Group provides a lifetime supply of free generic QSL cards to all active FB stations on 11m using the FB callsign (See here for QSL card design) ....more....

Foxtrot Bravo International Freebanding DX group has a freeband cluster page, with a basic live chat facility, currently open to all freeband radio users....more...

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