Echo Charlie

Echo Charlie are illegal international freeband radio frequencies similar to the 11 meter band we all use so much. Although Echo Charlie is a section of particular frequencies, we will be dedicating all freeband frequencies, other than the popular 11 meter band, to Echo Charlie.

The Echo Charlie freeband frequencies are:

86/85m 3430-3500
calling 3470 LSB

45m 6530-6700
calling 6670 LSB This is actual Echo Charlie

29m 10400 USB (Experimental freeband frequency)

21m 13900-14000
calling 13970 USB (13930 used when 13970 has jamming)

21m South America
Calling 13555 USB

16m 18010-18050
calling 18030 USB

14m 20900-20980
calling 20930 USB

Look on the Freeband chat and cluster for activity, some Freeband members will be regularly active on Echo Charlie, using the FB call sign.

When using these bands, please remember they are close to military and aeronautical frequencies, and care must be taken. Please QSY from the calling frequency after you have made contact. Often there will appear to be little activity, but after a few calls usually contact can be made, many stations monitor 6670 and 3470 calling frequencies. 6670 is best during the afternoons and 3470 works well late into the night with frequent networks covering  a lot of Europe (UTC)

Etiquette is a cross between HAM and 11m, most operators are courteous and polite. Spend some time listening before TXing on these bands.  Operators will always welcome break (On the side or QSK) stations.

EC users are always looking for long distant DX as well as local contact. Europe contact is widespread with many stations all over south and north EU, outside EU is rare as, apart from SA 21m illegal band, there seems to be little active EC stations from other continents.

Feel free to ask any questions.