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26fb053 nice to make contact to north france using kenwood ts2000 and delta loop ant ...... happy days again 01/08/2022 21:09:00
26fb053 prop into north france very good 27.165 fm 01/08/2022 21:05:37
26FB2609 Also bought new 6 meter antenna and some other extra bits needed... :_) happy days. missus happy :D 27/07/2022 06:45:17
26FB2609 YAESU FT-950 HF 50MHz Bought and payed for now i await delivery in the next 2 days. then back on air 27/07/2022 06:44:08
26FB2609 Getting new radio been off air for some time that's going to change radio should arrive next week :D 26/07/2022 11:38:52
26FB2609 Hello Chaps Thought i would make a visit // Its been a while since my last visit, hope all are safe. 26/07/2022 11:36:38
fB117 some nice cdx from 43 , past couple of days , 20db signals 15/07/2022 11:47:17
goerge -oygfhjrtugfutydrfyjtzxdgawrydryk 04/07/2022 19:53:12
26CT1949 Your right there . 24/05/2022 12:43:34
43FB288 Don't see much being submitted from the freeband frequencies? 18/05/2022 22:53:33
26FB040 South America on the band now 08/05/2022 15:55:17
26FB040 just keeping listening to .555 Steff I am sure you will hear something 16/04/2022 14:01:23
steff anyone in the Coventry area on 11m band callinig like to know more info 28/03/2022 12:30:31
David All good this way Dave@225 can't wait for cycle 25 stay safe Dave@061. 04/03/2022 16:23:59
03FB007 Cordial 73/51 good dx's 20/02/2022 17:24:53