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26FB855 Hi. Al./ Trev. Can u give me update on Dave. Thxs. 73's Mike. 13/11/2018 12:29:58
26FB855 Hi. Kurt. Ian 14/072 & I 26/855 will be on most Sat pm's 6.67 73's. 13/11/2018 12:25:55
KURT When ever I SWL or call on EC freqs the bands R silent if you dont call no one will hear U 13/11/2018 07:50:44
Kurt I also wait a reply from Dave sent 3rd Oct I heard hes not been well of late Get well soon Dave 13/11/2018 07:47:21
47FB212 Hello FB Cluster 😊 10/11/2018 23:03:35
26FB855 Hi. Ian. Thxs 4 brief Qso today on 6.670. 73's Mike. 10/11/2018 17:36:52
26FB855 Hi.Ian. Thxs 4 Qso.Hopefully 1st of many. I'll be using this band 4 next 3yr. Mike. 06/11/2018 15:42:39
1FB666 OK Trevor 26FB040, thanks for the reply! Good radio activity, 73 ;-) 05/11/2018 19:34:30
26FB040 I am sure Dave will check in soon, you have the correct address 05/11/2018 19:26:19
1FB666 Hi everyone, is Dave's email working? ( Thanks 05/11/2018 09:23:04
26FB855 Hi.All. Trevor u can 45 whilst in the low. Worked 14 div. Yesterday At least No Qrm from EU. 73's M 04/11/2018 15:12:47
26FB061 Hi Trevor it will pickup soon and we'll be away with th DX 73's 04/11/2018 13:48:50
26fb040 poor rx again today for 11m, wish it would pick up a bit 02/11/2018 14:35:09
1FB666 Hi Dave 26FB001, how are you? I sent you an email with some questions, thanks ;-) 30/10/2018 18:24:07
26fb040 However is performing & taking up alot of the slack! 26/10/2018 20:07:37